The Vicissitude A book by
D. Dean Hanna
vi·cis·si·tude    -noun
1.    a change or variation occurring in the course of something.
2.    interchange or alternation, as of states or things.
3.    vicissitudes, successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs:
       They remained friends through the vicissitudes of 40 years.
4.    regular change or succession of one state or thing to another.
5.    change; mutation; mutability.
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The Vicissitude

"Don was never sure why he felt he had already met the love of his life. He has felt this way since he was a pre-teen. Don also felt as if he was much older and wiser than he really was, this is something he never understood. Then recently he received an email from a woman, Josie, who claimed to have known Don all his life. After trying to get Don to remember her, she explained to him that she was the one that abducted him when he was a child, something he remembered but never talked about because people made fun of him over it. Josie claimed that she and Don lived a life together, on her planet, and that they were soul mates. Josie tells Don about how she was required to return Don to his life on earth, giving up the love of her life. Josie also explained that she has watched Don all of his life and that she has returned to take him back, if he wanted, because she was dying and wanted to spend her last days with him. This leaves Don with a dilemma, does he return to Josie, not knowing the risks of what he could lose here, or does he turn it down and never know of this other life he lived?"
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